"Help Wanted" is all the posters said. Well, not exactly all: in very small letters, one could make out "Good Payment for a Two-Year Commitment". 

The posters appeared all over the city overnight, and for those who would have been interested in taking on the Job, the posters gave all the necessary information: upon closer inspection, it was clear that what looked like coffee stains from afar were actually maps to a local tavern, and what looked like burnmarks on the bottom pointed to the next half-moon – three days from the day the posters appeared.

Although a few applicants turned up, only three had he courage to step up to the job:

Accompanying a merchant on the long journey to Chirintor and back

And so the journey begins…

This is the first campaign – the first RPG – for the three players, and it takes place in the world of Ani, created by the DM. The Characters started at level 1 with 0 XP.

It is a RP-heavy campaign which values narration, character development and player fun more then strict rules or lots of dicerolls; that does not mean that there are no dicerolls or no combat situations, just that those are not the sole focus of the campaign. The rule of cool is valued highly by the DM: if something would be a badass move, a cool resolution to a situation, a great improvisation, it will be allowed once, even if it would bend the rules.

Sessions are played semi-regularly mostly on sundays.

Nerwe's Company

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